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Cyclops 7

The CYCLOPS-7™ combination of price, performance and size makes the sensor very attractive for oceanographic, freshwater and dye tracing applications.

CYCLOPS-7™ was designed specifically for integration into any platform that supplies power and datalogging.

  • Extremely small size - 5.7" x 0.9" s/s or Ti. 5.7" x 1.25" (Delrin)

  • Affordable price / excellent value
  • Built-in light scatter rejection
  • Low power consumption
  • Integrates into a C6™ Multi-Sensor Platform™ or any third-party platform
  • Interfaces with DataBank™ Datalogger
  • Cyclops-7 Submersible Logger Available
  • Cyclops Explorer enables various lab applications
  • No Housing version available for integration
  • Custom optics available : 260-900 nm

  • CYCLOPS-7 can be easily added to typical multiparameter systems within existing space constraints. Measurement capabilities are not compromised by using the CYCLOPS-7 compact sensor. In CTD/AUV applications, you can choose between a smaller battery pack or longer operation on each battery charge. Measurements can be made at any frequency and interval, as determined by an external data logger. Price barrier has been significantly lowered for adding a fluorometer to existing monitoring platforms.


Cyclops-7 Performance

Linearity: 0.99R2



Minimum Detection Limit

Dynamic Range


0.15 ppb**
0.5 ppb***

0-1250 ppb**
0-5000 ppb***

Chlorophyll in vivo
  Blue Excitation
     Red Excitation

0.025 μg/L
0.5 μg/L

0-500 μg/L
>500 μg/L

Fluorescein Dye

0.01 ppb

0-500 ppb

Oil - Crude

0.2 ppb***

0-2700 ppb***

Oil - Fine

10 ppb*
10 ppm****

>10,000 ppb*
>100 ppm****

Optical Brighteners

0.6 ppb***

0-15,000 ppb***

(Freshwater Cyanobacteria)

2 ppbPC

0-40,000 ppbPC

(Marine Cyanobacteria)

0.15 ppbPE

0-750 ppbPE


0.1 ppb***

0-650 ppb***

Rhodamine Dye

0.01 ppb

0-1000 ppb


3 ppb

>20,000 ppb


0.05 NTU

0-3000 NTU

* 1,5 Napthalene Disulfonic Disodium Salt
** Quinine Sulfate
*** PTSA (1,3, 6, 8 - Pyrenetetrasulfonic Acid Tetrasodium Salt)
**** BTEX (Benzene, Toluene, Ethylbenzene, Xylenes)
PC Phycocyanin pigment from Prozyme diluted in Deionized water
PE Phycoerythrin pigment from Prozyme diluted in Deionized water



Cyclops-7 Physical Dimensions

Length x Diameter

5.7" x 0.9"; 14.48 x 2.23 cm (SSt or Ti)


5.7" x 1.25", 14.48 x 3.18 cm (Delrin)


5.0 oz; 142 grams


Cyclops-7 Environmental Characteristics

Temperature Range

Ambient: 0 to 50 deg C


Water Temp: -2 to 50 deg C

Depth Range

600 meters

Signal Output

0 - 5 VDC

Supply Voltage Range

3 - 15 VDC

Power Requirements

< 300mW typical

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