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Diver DCX

The Diver Direct Communication eXchanger (Diver-DCX) is specifically engineered to integrate Divers into any SDI-12 compatible telemetry system. The Diver-DCX enables real-time digital transmission of water level and water quality data. The SDI-12 standard was developed to interface dataloggers with smart sensors for environmental data acquisition, and is used globally for applications in water resource management, industry, mining, and research.

  • The Diver-DCX has a built-in pressure and temperature sensor for measuring air temperature and atmospheric pressure readings.

  • Build-in barometric compensation of the Diver pressure readings.
  • Power is supplied by an external source.

  • No need for additional sensors to measure air temperature and atmospheric pressure.

  • No need for post-processing the pressure data.
  • No internal battery is required. The compact Diver-DCX can be mounted inside the well casing for long-term, uninterrupted use.

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