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Diver NETZ

From wireless field data collection and recording, to project execution in the office, Diver-NETZ is a complete network of first-class technologies that integrates superior field instrumentation with the industry's latest wireless communication and data management capabilities. All Diver-NETZ components are designed to streamline project workflows, enabling you to effectively manage your groundwater resources for the long-term.

  • Fully compatible with all existing Diver dataloggers delivered since 2006.

  • 5-year battery life (depending on intensity of use).
  • Simple and easy to install in wells of at least 1 inch in diameter.
  • Multi-directional antenna allowing for a communication range of 500 m. LOS (Line of Sight), depending on weather conditions and obstacles.

  • Improve efficiency by up to 85% by collecting field data wirelessly from multiple wells

  • Safely collect data wirelessly in areas where wildlife or environmental hazards may pose a safety risk
  • Achieve precise measurements of groundwater levels, temperature and conductivity with reliable Diver dataloggers
  • Install effortlessly in virtually any environment and in most monitoring wells
  • Simplify project workflows by automatically processing monitoring data
  • Manage, analyse, visualize, and report your monitoring data using user-friendly desktop software and/or a secure online portal.


How Does Diver-NETZ Work?

A Diver groundwater datalogger is suspended on a DXT cable which is connected to a Diver-DXT radio device at the top of the well. A gateway device, the Diver-Gate, is able to establish a connection with the Diver-DXT (one or multiple Diver-DXTs) in a well within a 500m range and collect the Diver data wirelessly.

There are two different Diver-NETZ configurations: Diver-NETZ Mobile and Diver-NETZ Static.

Diver NETZ Mobile

Diver-NETZ Mobile requires that a field technician carries a portable Diver-Gate(M) device into the field. When the device is within radio range of the Diver-DXT, the Diver data can then be collected wirelessly to the Diver-Gate(M), which then sends the data via Bluetooth connection to your smartphone device. Downloaded data can be automatically sent to the office via GSM/GPRS network or alternatively the mobile device can be physically brought back to the office, where the data can be analysed or interpreted using desktop software.

Diver NETZ Static

Diver-NETZ Static consists of a Diver-Gate(S) device placed permanently in the field within the radio range of the Diver-DXT. At a scheduled interval the Diver-Gate wirelessly connects to nearby Diver-DXT devices and collects the data. Through a connection with the GSM/GPRS network, this data is automatically forwarded to a server and can then be visualized in the Diver-Hub online portal. Desktop software programs like Diver-Office and Diver-Office Premium can be used to interpret, validate or visualize the Diver data.

Any existing network of Divers can be quickly and easily fitted with the Diver-NETZ system

Integration with Third Party Telemetry Sytems

In addition to Diver-NETZ, Diver dataloggers can be connected to third-party telemetry systems. The Diver Direct Communication eXchanger (Diver-DCX) is specifically engineered to integrate Divers into any SDI-12 compatible telemetry system. The Diver-DCX enables real-time digital transmission of water level and water quality data. The SDI-12 standard was developed to interface dataloggers with smart sensors for environmental data acquisition, and is used globally for applications in water resource management, industry, mining, and research. 


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