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Diver Pocket

Program and download dataloggers in the field
Diver-Pocket is a software package that can be used on a rugged Pocket-PC for programming Divers, reading stored measurements in the field.

Start/Stop/Read/Program Divers
Calibrate CTD-Divers
Export monitoring data to CSV (Excel)
Units: metric - imperial
Available in 3 languages: English - Spanish - Dutch

  • Two variants

  • Diver-Pocket is available in two variants, namely:

  • Diver-Pocket: This variant only allows you to read data; Divers cannot be stopped, calibrated or programmed.

  • Diver-Pocket Premium: In addition to being able to read data, this variant also includes the Diver programming facility which allows you to calibrate CTD-Divers, start and stop Divers, define pumping test, etc.

  • Diver-Pocket Applications Diver dataloggers have multiple applications including: Harbour and tidal fluctuation monitoring Wetlands and stormwater run-off monitoring Long term water level monitoring Groundwater monitoring network automation Aquifer storage and recovery projects Saltwater intrusion projects Monitoring landfill sites


System Requirements

PC Hardware Requirements:

Microsoft Windows XP and Microsoft ActiveSynce 3.6 (comes with Pocket-PC) or later

Windows Vista or Windows 7 and Windows Mobile Device Centre 6.0 or later

Pocket-PC (PDA) Requirements:

Windows Mobile Version 5.0 or later

XScale or StrongArm Processor

Pocket-PC has a host USB port or is compatible with USB Host CF Card or RS232 CF Card

64 MB of RAM or more

Diver-Pocket has been tested on the following PocketPC’s:

Archer Field-PC (Juniper Systems)

Archer2 Field-PC (Juniper Systems)

Nautiz X7 with Windows Mobile 6.1

Dell Axim X51 with Windows Mobile 5.0

TDS Recon with Windows Mobile 6 Classic

TDS Nomad with Windows Mobile 6 Classic


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