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Hydras 3 Pocket Hydrolab

Hydras 3 Pocket for Hydrolab brings the most critical functionality of Hydras 3 LT to a Windows based Pocket PC.

  • Intuitive software for real-time monitoring, log file set-up and data downloads, sensor calibration, and basic sonde management Runs on a Trimble Nomad field-ready PDA, or standard PDA's with RS-232 connection Display data in graphical or tabular formats Export data to Hydras 3, Excel, or Text files Communicate via RS-232 connection Complete capability with the following instruments DS5X DS5 MS5 DataSonde 4X DataSonde 4a MiniSonde 4a

  • The most critical features of a Hydras 3 are now available on a PDA, so laptops can be left in the office So intuitive, manuals are not necessary Low cost alternative to laptops or other handhelds Run the software on a Trimble Nomad or combine and standard PDA with the Otter Box protective case, the Hach Environmental PDA solution is a robust, field-ready, handheld communications device

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