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The LP02 is a pyranometer according to the ISO-9060 Second Class standard. It measures the solar radiation flux incident on a plane surface from a 180 degree field of view in the wavelength range from 305 to 2800nm with a thermopile element with a flat response across the full solar spectrum. This makes the LP02 perfect for meteorological routine measurements, such as those in agro-meteorology.

The sensor is very robustly built, with a sturdy aluminum body and a precision engineered glass dome.

The sensor comes with an integrated amplifier, providing Adcon's standard 0 ... 2,5V output signal, an extremely rugged mast mounting bracket made of stainless steel, and a shielded 3m cable with a 7-pin Binder jack, compatible to all RTU's of the A723, A733 and A75x series.

Sensitivity 15µV/Wm²
Spectral Range 305 ... 2800nm
Max. Irradiance 2000 W/m²
Output signal 0 ... 2,5VDC
T.C. of Sensitivity +/-0,1%/°C
Operating Temperature -40°C ... 80°C 
-40°F ... 176°F
Non-stability (change/year) +/-1%
Non-linearity (0-1000 W/m²) +/- 2.5%
Tilt response (at 1000 W/m²) +/- 3%
Applicable Standards ISO-9060 and 9847
ASTM E824-94
Dimensions (incl. bracket) 420x355x150mm (LxWxH)
Weight (total) 2,15kg

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