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Measuring Buoy

Measurement of water quality in coastal regions and estuaries is critical in the characterization of hypoxic ‘dead zones’ as a result of nutrient loading and algal blooms in the water bodies. Sediment loading analysis through turbidity measurement is also important for coastal trend identification and modeling. Hydrolab and Sea-bird Coastal offer a variety of multiparameter water quality instrumentation and nutrient sensors for long-term coastal applications.

Certain OTT level sensors (OTT RLS, OTT SE 200) are effective for sea level and tide level monitoring with radar and float pulley technology. Additionally, certain OTT groundwater level sensors can measure salinity and conductivity for detection of saltwater intrusion in freshwater coastal aquifers.

The Aqualab measuring buoy was designed particularly to work in combination with the Hydrolab Multiparameter Probes for water quality monitoring applications. Like the Aqualab Systems, this buoy is equipped with a data logger unit connected to a GSM data transmission unit and has a solar power supply. Different to conventional buoys, the mulitparameter probe is installed laterally in a pipe, so that  the buoy does not have to be opened for maintenance and calibration, which have to be carried out regularly for accurate measurement of water quality. The measuring buoy can be reached from a small boat and the necessary maintenance works can be done easily.

  • Solar power supply for the supply of the measuring probe, data logger and Next G GSM/GPRS modem

  • Access to the Mulitparameter sonde laterally at the buoy - the buoy does not have to be opened in order to calibrat the sonde

  • The Aqualab measuring buoy is intended for the deployment in lakes, rivers and in the near coastal areas.

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