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Pluvio 2 S

The professional rain gauge is a further development of the tried-and-tested OTT Pluvio², with state-of-the-art technology in a compact design that captures up to 400 mm of precipitation on a collecting area of 200 cm². It is virtually maintenance-free, fits onto 2-inch pedestals, needs little space and can replace conventional rain gauges or tipping buckets without any structural work

Parameters measured:Cumulative precipitation, precipitation intensity, bucket content in real time and non real time

Measurement technology:Weighing principle

Product Highlights:Compact all-weather precipitation gauge for 2-inch pedestals, highly accurate, meets WMO requirements (Guidelines No. 8), nearly maintenance-free, lifetime calibrated

Interface:SDI-12, RS-485, impulse, status

  • Compact and relatively light precipitation gauge, with a weather resistant collecting bucket for 400 mm of precipitation (200 cm² collecting area) Minimum space requirement - no problem to install on existing 50 cm x 50 cm concrete bases • any suitable vibration-free 2-inch pedestals can be used again The intensity and cumulative data output fulfils the WMO directive No. 308 Highly-developed data capture and processing with signal analysis, filtration and noise reduction as well as algorithms that compensate for the influences of temperature and wind Considerable measuring accuracy of ±1 mm, wide measuring range, and a high data accessibility of 99% Output of high precipitation intensities of up to 3,000 mm/h without any time delay Precise capture of the finest precipitation from as little as 0.03 mm of precipitation in an hour Optionally available with adjustable ring heater – prevents the formation of ice or snow caps and keeps the orifice rim free • also deployable in solar operation in reduced voltage mode Various output interfaces (SDI-12, RS-485, pulse/contact), configurable through USB by means of tablet PC or notebook Low overall operation costs – lifelong calibrated ice-free, drift-free and virtually maintenance-free measuring device


Recordable precipitation

Liquid, solid, and mixed

Recordable precipitation amount

400 mm (approx. 8 l)

Collecting area

200 cm²

Measurement method

Weighing measurement method

Sensor element

Hermetically sealed load cell

Measuring ranges



0 ... 50 mm/min or 0 ... 3000 mm/h

Cumulative precipitation threshold at 60 min. collection time

0.03 mm

Precipitation intensity threshold

0.1 mm/h or 6 mm/h

Accuracy (at -25°C ... +45°C)



± 0.1 mm or ±1% of measured value


± 0.1 mm/min or ± 6 mm/h or ±1% of measured value



SDI-12 and RS-485

Amount: 0.001 mm
Intensity: 0.001 mm/min or 0.01 mm/h

Impulse output

0.05/0.1/0.2 mm, adjustable

Query interval



6 sec ... 60 min


1 min

Output delay



< 1 min

Non-real-time (filterd values)

5 min

Measurement output


Measured data

Intensity RT, amount RT/NRT, amount NRT, amount total NRT, bucket content RT and NRT, temperature of load cell

Status output

Pluvio² S status, heating status (if present)

Electrical data


Serial interfaces

SDI-12 V1.3, RS-485 (2- or 4-wire), SDI-12 protocol and command line mode (ASCII)

Digital outputs (2/5 Hz)

Impulse 0.05/0.1/0.2 mm (adjustable); status 0 ... 120 impulses/min

USB (2.0)

For service mode

Power supply

6.6 ... 28 V DC, secured against reverse polarity

Current consumption (without heating)

Typically 12 mA at 12 VDC

Power consumption (without heating)

< 145 mW

Ring heating, optional


Power supply

12 ... 28 VDC, typ. 12/24 VDC, secured against reverse polarity

Heating capacity

24 VDC / max. 50 W, temperature control range 45 K (wind speed 0 m/s);
12 VDC / max. 12.5 W, temperature control range 12 K (wind speed 0 m/s)

Modes of operation of heater control system

Disabled, continuously enabled, continuously enabled within a specified temperature range, US NWS standard (time-controlled), enabled in case of precipitation (adjustable after-run time)

Operating range of orifice rim heater

-40 °C ... + 60 °C (ambient temperature)

Mechanical data


Dimensions and weight


Pluvio² S

288 mm x 651 mm (Ø x h)


Ø 2" / 50 ... 60 mm


Approx. 7.8 kg (empty bucket)



Base plate

Stainless steel/aluminium

Collecting bucket/bucket support/pipe housing

ASA, UV resistant

Environmental conditions


Temperature, in operation

-40 ... +60 °C

Temperature, storage

-40 ... +70 °C

Relative humidity

0 ... 100 % rF (non-condensing)

Protection and Standards


Pipe housing closed


Pipe housing open


Load cell



2004/108/EG; EN 61326-1:2013

Salt resistance

EN 60068-2-11

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