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Quanta G

For basic water quality parameter spot measurements (Temp, DO, Cond, pH, and Depth) in ground water wells, the Quanta-G offers Hydrolab’s superior sensor technology in a complete, cost-optimized, stainless steel package that includes an easy-to-use, handheld display.

  • Four built-in expansion ports configured to fit your specific needs Measures up to eight parameters simultaneously Used for profiling or spot measurements in ground water wells

  • Features Hydrolab's superior sensor technology for five basic parameters Temperature, DO, Conductivity, pH, and Depth Packaged as a complete system with display that includes everything needed to gather reliable water quality data right out of the box Engineered for dependable performance and durability in the field Cost-optimized for profiling or spot-checking applications 1.75" housing fits into 2" wells or other limited space applications Backed by an unprecedented three-year warranty


Size:  Outer diameter – 1.75”/4.5 cm
  Length – 15”/38.1 cm
Weight:  4.0 lbs/1.9 kg
Material:  316 stainless steel
Screen Size:  3.5”/8.9 cm in diagonal
Weight:  2.1 lbs/0.95 kg
Memory:  200 data frames
NEMA rating:  NEMA 6 (waterproof)
Operating temperature:  -5 to 50° C
Battery Supply:  3 C batteries

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